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Blooming but dreaming… February 9, 2012

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So the spirit of Bloom where you are planted is of trying to be content where God has you in your life’s journey and also one of not just surviving that time, but thriving in that time. In general, people tend to fall into one of the following categories. They either look back often, they think only of the present moment (and generally live hedonisticly because of it), or they live for the future, totally missing the moment they are in.

I definitely am in the last category. I am always planning, always dreaming, always living for the day when…This is one of the primary reasons that I have to be careful about planning for the future. I very easily can be so caught up in what life will be like when…that I miss today. This wonderful, God-chosen, moment that I am in today.

I am not incredibly happy about my current job, and I wish I could become a full-time homemaker. I dream of this (and goals and aspirations are not a bad thing), but God has placed me in this job and for whatever reason (sometimes I don’t understand it, but let’s not forget that He knows), I am here. And I can whine about it, and fuss, but I am neglecting a day on this earth that I have been given.

So today I am going to choose to be happy for what I have been given. I have not been given the gift of children yet or the gift of being able to stay home as a homemaker, but I have been given the gift of more time with my husband and more freedom to love my parents well. I have been given the gift of a greater income while we wait. I have been given the gift of free-time! There are moments when I am not so busy that I can sleep in a bit, or read a book, or watch TV. So I am going to choose today (each day is a struggle to remember this) to bloom where I have been planted!


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