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Half and Half… February 5, 2012

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When I first purchased my townhouse in 2007, I was short on funds and had to limit the number of special upgrades. I was single and only making a teacher’s salary, so buying my own home was a real challenge/blessing to begin with. I knew that people were really beginning to like the stainless steel look for kitchen appliances (it only takes a little bit of exposure to HGTV to see that), but they were a bit more expensive than black or white at the time, and I saw it more as a fad than a real consistent trend in home design. So…I picked out white appliances.

White Refrigerator

My style (like most people’s) is a little hodge-podgey. I like the country look, but hate clutter, so I like things to look light and airy, but don’t want a bunch of tchotchkes sitting around. (I am currently reading Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider and it really challenges you to question each and every item in your house).  I like for things to look rich (while not actually costing a lot of money, but we’ll save that for another post…) and snappy.  I chose white appliances because they are “light and airy” looking and tend to match a lot of the light colors I have decorated with throughout the very open floor plan of the downstairs. But, if I am being honest, they look neither “rich” nor “snappy”.

I don’t think that my kitchen looks bad with white, but having visited some of the other townhouses around me, I would leave thinking that their houses look so much better than mine (no typical female comparison issues here) and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then later, after having mulled it over, I realized that I liked the snappy/fancy look that their stainless steel appliances were providing.

So that is where my journey to stainless steel began.

Now let me be clear. One of the reasons I have started this blog is because I wanted a place to document my REAL life. And in my REAL life, we are currently trying to save enough cash to purchase a new-to-us car for my husband’s car service business. (He drives high-end clients to and from corporate functions and to the airport). It is important that we pay cash because having a loan on a commercial vehicle is very challenging. So EVERY extra penny that I can squeeze out of our budget is pretty much going into savings for the car.

My mother-in-law however is a very good thrift shopper and she has managed over the last 6 months to find two different stainless steel appliances for our kitchen at the Habitat Re-store in our town. Both appliances have been virtually unused prior to her finding them, and both of them were being offered at a small fraction of the price of brand new ones.

So may I present to you my “half and half” kitchen….

My lovely new stainless microwave

Half and Half

Living in a non-matchy/matchy world is a little bothersome to me. I mean in some ways, this is worse than having an all white matching kitchen. But life is a journey, right? And it is simply not an option to purchase all-new appliances just because I now am onboard the stainless train. So I am on a journey to stainless, and right now I am half way there!


What about you? Do you prefer stainless? White? Perhaps all black appliances?